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Sam Alexander

An interview with Sam Alexander at Established Models for Boys by Girls issue 6 "The Truth About Boys".

Graeme Metz

Interview with Graeme Metz (Premier Models) for Boys by Girls Magazine Issue 6 "The Truth About Boys".

Louis Du Sauzay

Interview for Boys by Girls Magazine

Union J

Interview with Union J for issue 5 of Boys by Girls Magazine, "Lessons".

Matthew Bell

The wonderful Matthew Bell (Elite) for Boys by Girls book "Closer".

Sam Lawson

I talk to Sam Lawson (Select) for Boys by Girls book "Closer"

Simon Jennings

From Simon Jennings's (Amck) "Closer" interview

Sebastian Sauve

Snippets from Sebastian's (Premier) Boys by Girls "Closer" interview

Jordan Taylor

Sneak peek from Jordan's (Elite) Boys by Girls interview. Such a cool dude.

Dudley O'Shaughnessy

An interview with Dudley O'Shaughnessy at Next Model Management