About Me

Cecilie Harris is a freelance fashion and portraiture photographer based in London. With a passion for shooting menswear, her work has been seen in countless menswear magazines. She is also editor-in-chief for her own magazine, Boys by Girls. Cecilie manages to bring a natural element, personality and soul into her work, creating atmospheric stand-out results.

An incredibly creative photographer, her style is distinctive, consistent and effortlessly stylish, and her images tell beautiful stories in the depth and direction of the models she works with. Susan Sontag said that "To take a photograph is to participate in another person's mortality and vulnerability". This is something Cecilie lives by. Drawn to capture youth and the journey from adolescence into adulthood, there are many stories to be told in her images. Innocence, purity and a hint of mischievous make ongoing occurrences in her work. There is often a quiet beauty in her unique blend of fashion, portraiture and art, as she captures a beauty that not everyone sees.

You can send me words at: cecilieharris@hotmail.co.uk
For commercial bookings please email: kate@togetherassociates.com